Joesten Consulting

The following are some of our Business Process Improvement services:

  • Process discovery and requirements gathering
  • Process mapping and notation
  • Reengineering and simulation
  • Operational Views to requirements transcription
  • Workflow configuration
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) authoring

Streamlining Operations

Background: The Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet Headquarters staff operated under intense pressure due to the timliness and volume of workload actions. The lack of a coordinated way to assign, track, and provide visibility into taskers created havoc for Action Officers resulting in duplicative efforts and missed deadlines. 

Activites: A command-wide Workflow Management System was developed to coordinate, assign, and track taskers throughout the Directorates. We worked with Action Officers to streamline the response process and embed improved communications for collaboration on work packages. After deploying the system, we trained the staff and provided transition services.

The system reduced cycle time for tasker closeout, improved collaboration, and helped manage volume to meet more deadlines. The system was ultimately deployed at the Type Commands with the same positive results.

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