Joesten Consulting

The following are some of our Organizational Change Management (OCM) services:
  • Change Management Plan authoring
  • Readiness Assessment generation and deployment
  • Communication Planning and campaign management
  • Leadership coaching and User training
  • Job Role analysis and mapping
  • Furlough transition and continuity support 
  • System functionality gap analysis and preparation
  • Video scripting and production

OCM for System Changes

Background: One NIH directorate required a system upgrade that impacted a few thousand users in the Metro Washington, D.C. area. To support this time-constrained effort, we built a comprehensive Change Management Project Plan and helped coordinate efforts across the government team.

Activites: A communications strategy was implemented to keep management and staff informed of changes, impacts, and training opportunities. Documentation was revised and made accessible (Section 508 compliant). Targeted training was developed and delivered to 95% of the user population.

Results: The system was delivered on time and the users were prepared in advance. Feedback mechanisms were established to capture performance results.

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