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Joesten Consulting helps executives and managers solve complex business problems,  optimize performance, and improve organizational effectiveness. Built on a foundation of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise, our solutions have helped a diverse portfolio of clients articulate and map their missions, build strategic paths for management, and streamline operations for execution success.

Strategic Planning
Business leaders are constantly faced with competing agendas, fluctuating budgets, ambiguous objectives, and limited resources. Making the best decisions requires capturing relevant and timely corporate data while using tools and techniques to proactively interpret and anticipate next steps.
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Organizational Change Management
Executing the strategy includes changing processes, updating the  technical infrastructure and upgrading key applications, but people are additionally impacted. Preparing leaders and staff for change creates a proactive approach to organizational challenges with a greater chance for success.
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Business Process Improvement
Best made plans may not take shape with inefficient operations. Redundant or broken processes, excessive lead times, and staff attrition can result in expensive and wasteful operations, inadequate controls for measuring and monitoring performance, poor product quality, and customer dissatisfaction. Thorough analysis and reengineering of business processes and workflows can reduce or eliminate these risks.
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